RAV 308HWS – 8500 Kilo Capacity per Column

Electro-hydraulic mobile column lifts (Wireless)


Control panel available on each column

All columns are identical

Configuration sets: 4-6-8 columns

Mechanical locking system/parking

Wireless 2.4 GHz  communication among columns

Automatic selection of  transmission channel with display indication

2 Batteries in each column, 12V
100 A/h Gel Type, Maintenance Free
20 Lifting Cycles with Full Load
Hydraulic Towing Dolly

Adjustable Forks

Operation Modes – All – Simultaneous operation of all columns.

Group – Simultaneous operation of selected pairs of columns.

Single – Single column operation.

Operation Modes

Synchronization at a height difference of 30 mm.
Control board according to ISO standards 13849.

Technical Data
Capacity per column 8500 kg
Motor 3 kW
Column weight 670 kg
Rise time 90”
Lowering time 70”
Maximum tyre diameter 1.200 mm
Minimum tyre diameter 900 mm
Minimum rim diameter 580 mm