Ideal  for busy workshops where the vehicle lifts need to be frequently relocated. Stertil-Koni mobile columns vehicle lifts are fitted with the intuitive Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control Systemmaking operation and positioning of the lift simpler than ever. Using the innovative owner ID key, it is possible to connect up to 32 columns in one configuration. Capacities for the individual mobile column vehicle lifts range from 6.5t to 17.5t.

Fast lifting and lowering

The Stertil-Koni Mobile Column Vehicle Lifts reach their maximum height of 1,850 mm in just 94 seconds, making them one of the fastest column lifts in the world


Adjustable lowering speed

Do you want to lower the vehicle more slowly for precise positioning of under carriage components? This is easily done via the interactive Stertil-Koni ebright Smart Control system at the touch of the screen.


Model ST1065 ST1075 ST1085 ST1100 ST1130 ST1175
Lifting Capacity (kg) 6,500 7,500 8,500 10,000 13,000 17,500
Fork type Fixed Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Fixed
Fork Length (mm) 500 350 350 300 640 450
Fork width (mm) 770 240 – 560 240 – 560 240 – 560 1006 806

Safe Work Area

We have designed as an extra safety feature, a large working area between the column and the vehicle. For example, if a problem with the air suspension occurs, the vehicle will not make contact with the column.

32 mobile column lifts in one set

Max 32 Linked Columns

Overload protection

Overload Protection

Unique Synchronisation System

Unique Synchronisation system

Unique Synchronisation

The synchronisation system is activated at a height difference of just 15 mm. this ensures safe and smooth lifting and lowering cycles, even in the event of an extremely uneven load distribution

EXTREMELY Heavy Duty Lifting

The total lifting capacity is variable by linking multiple lifting columns together. A maximum of 32 columns can be linked in a single configuration lifting up almost every type of heavy commercial vehicle.